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Sidney and Nedra


A bit about Les Hill


We have the pleasure and privilege of introducing Les Hill, military man and historian, who tells a little about himself here. We look forward to hearing more from him in future.


By the way, the fabulous teapot appearing on the home page with Les is a gift from him. He said it looked just like me and felt compelled to buy it for me. Bless him. I love it.


Welcome to our new issue. We hope you will enjoy it.


Les says: “In 1976 I joined the Army. I was stationed in Northern Ireland, Germany and Kenya. In England I did ceremonial duties, guarding palaces, carrying an SLR 7.62 rifle with a highly polished bayonet attached. I saw active service in Northern Ireland and Kenya, and the regiment was in the Falklands in 1982.

We were in Kenya on training exercises. There was trouble in Uganda, and the Prime Minister, Maggie Thatcher, stated she had 300 troops trained and ready to deal with any emergency that could occur in that area. I am still bound by the Official Secrets Act.


Regarding music, I enjoy Country and Western and each year I go away for a weekend where we re-enact the Old West, the American Civil War, and the Indian wars in the 1800s.


I have only known Sidney for a few months and in that time I have come to consider him as a friend. I know he is into hunting and fishing in a big way. The other week I saw a teapot in a shop window; it was of a hunter crouched with his gun ready to shoot. A bird was sitting on his hat and a rabbit leaned against his back, with its front paws behind its head, relaxing. The Gun was the spout and you removed the head to fill it. The pot reminded me so much of Sidney that I had to get it for him.”


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